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Chinese International News
Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the leading source of information in news, lifestyle, and community events for Chinese Americans and offering American viewers cultural insight.

Chinese International News is an organization focused on:

1.         Broadcasting the latest news with Asian content from around the world.

2.         Educating viewers on cultural diversity and traditions.

3.         Bridging the Amerasian and American communities.

4.         Reporting "Soft News" events.

5.         Supporting and promoting environmental consciousness.


Although, CIN appreciates  profitably we adhere to reporting unbiased information.

What is Chinese International News?
Chinese International News is a Houston based multicultural news program in Chinese and English. It was established in 2007. The show focuses on international news, lifestyles, and community events covering not only China and Taiwan, but it bridges  the gap between local Amerasian Communities.  The style of the show is similar to the entertainment show “ET”.  The show consists of info and news, Pan-Asian lifestyle features and community events. 


Who are the Target Audience?
The potential Amerasian viewers in the Houston and its surrounding areas total half a million.   We also have American viewers who are hobbyist in Asian culture. It also airs segments in northeast China the city of Shenyang with potential viewers of close to 33 million viewers.

§85% of our target audience consists of primarily college educated Chinese Americans between the ages of 18 to 35 years old. 

§  35% of our target audience consists of college Educated Americans

§  25% of our audience is retired first generation Chinese

                  Asian in-language ads


When does the show air?
The show airs every Saturdays from 3pm  Central Time on HDTV 55.5ITV, Houston COMCAST Channel 17 and Channel 95.  We also go live with sporting events (Houston National Invitational, WFL, ABA & Roller Derby) and community culture events.



How can I get more involved with Chinese International News? 

There are many ways for you to become more involved with CIN.   The first step is to call us and let us know what you or your company would be interested in.  For example, you can be

1.  Added to our mailing list

2.  A Guest Speaker

3.  A Corporate Sponsor

4.  Cross promotion of an event

What is in it for me?
We are the only non-political show in Houston, the fourth largest television market in the United States.  You will gain exposure to college educated Asian American consumers who have higher disposal income.  In addition to reaching these consumers through a unique medium, you will also gain exposure in the Asian Community.

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We Currently have (15 and 30 second) spots on our Television show weekly for you to advertise your product or service.

This includes the spot shot and edited we will put your logo on website with link, and ran at least twice a week on our television show.

Or we can use your own spot.

Call for Info: 832.396.7396